Safe and Reliable Transportation

The city has lost more than $600 million to corporate giveaways like the Google bus program, sweetheart developer deals and Big Tech tax breaks — enough to cover the cost to operate the entire MUNI system for one year!

While there is tremendous value in what tech companies provide — innovation and creativity as well as good jobs for tech workers — many Tech CEOs have not met their responsibility to the city.

The private buses chartered by employers, including Google, Facebook, Genentech, Apple, Yahoo and others are not paying nearly what they should, and it is estimated the fines and fees not levied on the tech companies or their shuttle operators in the neighborhood of $600 million – almost the size of MUNI’s annual budget! Meanwhile individuals, not corporations, are fined heavily.  (SF Bay Guardian, Dec. 17, 2013, “Bus Stop”)

Rather than investing that money to improve MUNI and improve the lives, health and safety of the 99%, the 1% got what they wanted — more money for themselves.

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