Quality Health Care for All

Richly paid health industry executives and economic interests are demanding higher and higher prices without regard to the consequences for working families, raking in profits while refusing to disclose the real costs or quality of the health care that we buy and receive.  

The behavior of giant health insurers and hospital corporations that price their services based on whatever the market will bear. California's soaring premiums dramatically reduce take-home pay for workers while draining City funds needed for transportation, social services, education, affordable housing, and public safety. 

Just last summer, Kaiser Foundation Health Plan demanded a rate increase from the City totaling $15 million without giving a justification, even though actual use of Kaiser health services by healthier city workers was down. 

San Francisco’s Health Service System estimates that it overpaid the health plan by $87 million from 2010 to 2012.

Kaiser expects the City to hand over tens millions of taxpayer dollars without evidence of need, simply because of corporate greed.

SFGATE: "Rate increase creates criticism of Kaiser"

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