"Worker Wednesdays" make big news

In response to San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee's "Tech Tuesdays" -- when he meets with hi-tech corporate officers to plan the city's future and presumably the multi-million-dollar tax breaks they get -- SEIU 1021 members launched a series of weekly "Worker Wednesdays" to draw attention to the harm the mayor's policy is causing to people who actually live in the city: soaring rents and evictions, unsafe hospitals, fewer public services.

In simultaneous Worker Wednesday rallies at San Francisco General and Laguna Honda hospitals last week, nurses and hospital workers explained how understaffing puts patients' safety at risk. Two days later, the San Francisco Examiner ran a front page story that highlighted SEIU 1021 members' broader fight for social justice as part of their contract campaign.

Mayor Lee has been invited to attend all the Worker Wednesdays, but has declined each time. Instead, he is "represented" by a 7-foot tall photographic cutout that made an appearance at Laguna Honda.

By contrast, the press has eagerly accepted the invitations and covered San Francisco's Worker Wednesdays extensively. Here's a sample from last week:


SF Examiner (4/11): "SF labor unions asking for pay raises amid hostile cost-of-living environment"

The message from labor leaders might sound familiar to BART riders who endured two transit strikes last year: When times were bad, workers made concessions; now that things have improved, it’s time to pay up.

While negotiations continue, SEIU Local 1021 is planning a rally Tuesday outside Twitter and City Hall to denounce the mid-Market Street tax break.

The union has fought the commuter shuttles used by Google and other tech companies, demanding an environmental study before legalizing their use of Muni bus stops for a small fee. Both efforts have highlighted the political and cultural tensions resulting from an economy fueled by a booming technology industry that is being blamed for pricing longtime residents out of San Francisco.

“We don’t mind them being here,” said Larry Bradshaw, a paramedic and vice president of SEIU Local 1021, of tech companies like Twitter. “What we don’t like is sweetheart deals.”

April 9: Worker Wednesday at SFGH and Laguna Honda Hospital


SF Business Times   |   SF Appeal

TV News

KTVU 2   |   KRON 4

ABC 7 (broadcast nationwide): "SFGH nurses say understaffing affects patient's safety in ER"

Also: Palm Springs, CA   |   Richmond, Virginia


Univision:  6PM   |   11PM

From Laguna Honda Hospital:

Balitang America: "SF Filipino health care workers rally for better wages"

Radio News

KPFA: "SFGH's Emergency Department Dangerously Understaffed Every Shift of the Year"

KCBS 1   |   KCBS 2   |   KQED   |   KSFO   |   KGO 


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