Tax Day Mega-Rally Gets Major Press

S.F. Tax-Break Protesters Target Twitter 

The popular tech news site–Recode–covered our Twitter protest. The story features great photos and video.

Google-bus-blocking anarchists aren’t the only ones targeting the tech industry’s big names in San Francisco these days: The unions are taking their tech complaints to the streets, too.

On Tax Day Tuesday, hundreds of nurses, janitors, 911 dispatchers and others gathered at City Hall and marched the few blocks to Twitter’s midtown headquarters to protest the company’s payroll tax break.

For the great photos and video, go to Recode.

More Press Clips:

KPIX-TV 5: "Phil Matier: Union Plays Big Role In San Francisco Protests Over ‘Google Buses,’ Tech Tax Breaks"

SF Chronicle: "S.F. tax-day protest marches on Twitter"

SF Examiner: "Mayor’s San Francisco doesn’t work for everyone" (Op-ed by SEIU 1021 VP Larry Bradshaw)


Bloomberg TV Sampler:

In the Loop With Betty Liu: “This Tax Day, SF Union Giving A Bill To Twitter”

Lunch Money: ”Mid-Market Companies Are Exempt - for 6-8 years - from paying payroll tax”

Zendesk: ”We’ve Signed A Community Benefit Agreement”

Street Smart with Trish Regan and Adam Johnson: “Union Protests $56 Million Tax Break”


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