SF Weekly: Nurses warned of staffing crisis long ago

SF Weekly: "Health Scare: Nurses Claimed Staffing Shortage Well Prior to Hospital Calamities"

Every day at San Francisco General Hospital you will see something that cannot be unseen. The unthinkable is quotidian here; San Francisco General is Dante's Inferno meets Fellini Satyricon, only with bloody scrubs instead of robes.

And yet, in the past few months, two events transcended the hospital's daily madness and shocked the general public. On Valentine's Day, a 93-year-old named Mary Perez was attacked and beaten by a mentally unstable fellow patient. On Sept. 21 of last year, Lynne Spalding shambled out of her room in the telemetry unit. Following a grotesque litany of procedural missteps, her corpse was discovered in a stairwell on Oct. 8.

The hospital's nurses are now in the midst of contract negotiations. But, in a trove of documents obtained by SF Weekly ­— long predating the ongoing negotiations or either incident ­— they claim inadequate staffing levels and portend calamities to come.

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