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The explosive expansion of the tech sector has created a rift in San Francisco, pitting CEOs who set their own rules against hard-working men and women who are getting displaced by soaring costs, rents and evictions.

Political pandering to the tech industry and real estate speculation come at a steep price to working families, as no-fault evictions and lack of affordable housing force many longtime residents to leave. Evictions in 2012-2013 were up 38%, while median rents are up 21% to 57% across the city.

Health care corporations, developers, and tech and bank CEOs thrive by successfully carving out an economic refuge inaccessible to working people. This privilege for the 1% does nothing for the people who actually deserve economic relief, but represents lost revenue that could be used to improve the conditions they live and work in.

How It Came to This

Emboldened by policies like the Mid-Market (Twitter) tax break and the Google bus program, the tech boom and real estate bubble are changing the social and economic fabric of entire neighborhoods at an alarming rate.

As the city claims a $100 million deficit, tax breaks to tech CEOs and real estate moguls like Ron Conway have totaled more than $600 million in just a few years! Why should San Francisco give even more money to people who have more than enough already, while the people who actually build a strong economy — nurses, educators, transportation and courts workers, affordable housing and social services advocates — are being pushed out of the city by skyrocketing rents and costs of living?

All San Francisco residents see this income inequality. We must promote policies and services that allow the working and middle class to thrive and move up. While there is tremendous value in what tech companies provide — innovation and creativity as well as good jobs for tech workers — the City needs to hold them accountable for paying their fair share of the cost of keeping this City vital and viable.

The City needs to recommit itself to affordable housing and access to health care, and to improving social services, education, transportation and public safety for all residents in San Francisco. That is something any San Franciscan who rides the bus to work — be it a MUNI bus or a Google bus — can agree on.

What We Must Do

When the city proposed the tax giveaway for Twitter, we organized to oppose the giveaway, and here we are several years later, looking at the result of that policy: Families are being pushed out, and many more are unable to live in the city where they work.

We value what the tech sector brings to San Francisco, but we also must fight to keep this city unique and affordable while improving its infrastructure for all of us, from tech workers and businesses who have similar values to nurses in public hospitals to custodians in our parks.

  • We are fighting foreclosures and unwarranted evictions.
  • We are fighting unjustified health care rate increases locally, and for affordable health care for everyone, rich and poor alike, at the state and national level.
  • We are fighting the power of big banks to depress entire neighborhoods and communities.
  • We are fighting to close a loophole in SF policy that allows nonprofit city contractors to pay a lower wage than for-profit city contractors.
  • We are fighting for living wage legislation that would benefit all workers at the bottom of the ladder.
  • We are fighting to increase city funding for services, both through the City and nonprofits, by eliminating the tax breaks and loopholes that benefit Big Money.
  • We are fighting for increased funding to the developmental disabilities system to take care of our most vulnerable residents and the workers who dedicate careers to helping them for minimal compensation.
  • We are fighting for the dignity of all people in our community—for children to attend clean, safe, nurturing schools; for those beyond their working years to be able to retire with dignity and live independently without burdening their families; for the uninsured who are sick or injured to get excellent quality of care in public hospitals. 
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