San Francisco's Housing Crisis

The explosive expansion of the tech sector has created a rift in San Francisco, pitting CEOs who set their own rules against hard-working men and women who are being displaced by soaring costs, rents and evictions.

Political pandering to the tech industry and real estate speculation come at a steep price to working families, as no-fault evictions and lack of affordable housing force many longtime residents to leave. Evictions in 2012-2013 were up 38%, while median rents are up 21% to 57% across the city. According to NPR, the median market-rate rent in San Francisco is now $3400.

The City must invest in quality affordable housing and provide ample controls and protections for lower- and middle-income residents to ensure that there is room for us all in San Francisco.

SFGate: "Housing crisis taking toll with no-fault evictions" 

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