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  • SF Weekly: Nurses warned of staffing crisis long ago

    SF Weekly: "Health Scare: Nurses Claimed Staffing Shortage Well Prior to Hospital Calamities"

    Every day at San Francisco General Hospital you will see something that cannot be unseen. The unthinkable is quotidian here; San Francisco General is Dante's Inferno meets Fellini Satyricon, only with bloody scrubs instead of robes.

    And yet, in the past few months, two events transcended the hospital's daily madness and shocked the general public. On Valentine's Day, a 93-year-old named Mary Perez was attacked and beaten by a mentally unstable fellow patient. On Sept. 21 of last year, Lynne Spalding shambled out of her room in the telemetry unit. Following a grotesque litany of procedural missteps, her corpse was discovered in a stairwell on Oct. 8.

    The hospital's nurses are now in the midst of contract negotiations. But, in a trove of documents obtained by SF Weekly ­— long predating the ongoing negotiations or either incident ­— they claim inadequate staffing levels and portend calamities to come.

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  • SF Chron covers Kaiser fight

    SF Chronicle: "Rate increase creates criticism of Kaiser"

    The fight in San Francisco over whether to approve a 5.25 percent health care rate hike for public employees who use Kaiser Permanente is just a small piece of a larger debate over what some see as the health care provider's lack of transparency when it comes to setting prices.

    While there's disagreement over how to handle next year's rate proposal - with some politicians and the city's largest public employee union pushing for a rejection of the increase - state, local and labor officials agree that the health care giant needs to be more forthcoming about how it sets its rates.

    And they'd like to see Kaiser commit to giving back some money at the end of the year if the city pays substantially more than the actual medical costs incurred by the 46,000 members covered under San Francisco's plan.

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    Download a public information flyer. 

  • Great coverage on SF Chron front page

    We landed on the front page of the San Francisco Chronicle!

    The following article was written by John Cote. Here’s an excerpt:

    City nurses, janitors and other workers marched to Twitter’s headquarters on tax day Tuesday to deliver a symbolic tax bill for tens of millions of dollars for the “corporate tax giveaway” that helped persuade the company to move to San Francisco’s Mid-Market area.

    The protesters passed a craft beer hall, an artisanal burger joint and a 754-unit luxury condominium project that didn’t exist before the city in early 2011 offered the tax break to entice businesses to move to the long-forlorn stretch of Market Street and parts of the Tenderloin – areas where the aroma of stale urine would often drift past clusters of men smoking in front of boarded-up storefronts.

    So was it worth it?

    Read the full story.

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  • SEIU 1021 Op-Ed: "Mayor Lee's San Francisco Doesn't Work for Everyone"

    On April 17, 2014, the San Francisco Examiner  published our Vice President Larry Bradshaw’s opinion editorial:

    "San Francisco needs a raise — and a mayor who is committed to the fight against economic inequality. Working families are being pushed out of San Francisco at record rates. Those who remain struggle with an ever-higher cost of living. Mayor Ed Lee’s San Francisco doesn’t work for a lot of us.

    "That’s why Service Employees International Union Local 1021 filed a ballot initiative last week that seeks to raise the minimum wage to $15 for all San Franciscans by 2017. It’s part of our larger platform to tackle economic inequality in The City. That includes wages, housing, health care and transportation."

    Read SEIU 1021 San Francisco VP Larry Bradshaw’s full op-ed.


  • Tax Day Mega-Rally Gets Major Press

    S.F. Tax-Break Protesters Target Twitter 

    The popular tech news site–Recode–covered our Twitter protest. The story features great photos and video.

    Google-bus-blocking anarchists aren’t the only ones targeting the tech industry’s big names in San Francisco these days: The unions are taking their tech complaints to the streets, too.

    On Tax Day Tuesday, hundreds of nurses, janitors, 911 dispatchers and others gathered at City Hall and marched the few blocks to Twitter’s midtown headquarters to protest the company’s payroll tax break.

    For the great photos and video, go to Recode.

    More Press Clips:

    KPIX-TV 5: "Phil Matier: Union Plays Big Role In San Francisco Protests Over ‘Google Buses,’ Tech Tax Breaks"

    SF Chronicle: "S.F. tax-day protest marches on Twitter"

    SF Examiner: "Mayor’s San Francisco doesn’t work for everyone" (Op-ed by SEIU 1021 VP Larry Bradshaw)


    Bloomberg TV Sampler:

    In the Loop With Betty Liu: “This Tax Day, SF Union Giving A Bill To Twitter”

    Lunch Money: ”Mid-Market Companies Are Exempt - for 6-8 years - from paying payroll tax”

    Zendesk: ”We’ve Signed A Community Benefit Agreement”

    Street Smart with Trish Regan and Adam Johnson: “Union Protests $56 Million Tax Break”


  • "Worker Wednesdays" make big news

    In response to San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee's "Tech Tuesdays" -- when he meets with hi-tech corporate officers to plan the city's future and presumably the multi-million-dollar tax breaks they get -- SEIU 1021 members launched a series of weekly "Worker Wednesdays" to draw attention to the harm the mayor's policy is causing to people who actually live in the city: soaring rents and evictions, unsafe hospitals, fewer public services.

    In simultaneous Worker Wednesday rallies at San Francisco General and Laguna Honda hospitals last week, nurses and hospital workers explained how understaffing puts patients' safety at risk. Two days later, the San Francisco Examiner ran a front page story that highlighted SEIU 1021 members' broader fight for social justice as part of their contract campaign.

    Mayor Lee has been invited to attend all the Worker Wednesdays, but has declined each time. Instead, he is "represented" by a 7-foot tall photographic cutout that made an appearance at Laguna Honda.

    By contrast, the press has eagerly accepted the invitations and covered San Francisco's Worker Wednesdays extensively. Here's a sample from last week:


  • Press Coverage of 2/12 Twitter Valentine Action

    SEIU 1021's "Twitter Valentine" action on Feb. 12 got local, national and international press coverage.

  • Back to the Future

    “The last time San Francisco went through what it’s going through right now was in the late ’90s, but the politics of the late ’90s changed the city. [Former mayor] Willie Brown suffered big losses at the ballot box, the planning commission was split, many members of the board of supervisors lost their jobs. There was this animus toward the tech community and gentrification from the late ’90s even into the mid 2000s. And it played a huge part in blocking Wi-Fi. And it’s interesting that’s happening again.” 

    — Lt. Governor (and former SF Mayor) Gavin Newsom